1 in 3 North Carolinians Would Rather Drive Than Walk 5 Minutes To Get Somewhere


The ‘path of least resistance’ is described in scientific circles as ‘the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths.’ Normally used to describe the path of say water or electricity, when stripped down of its scientific jargon and applied to humans, it can be summarized in two words: we’re lazy.

Indeed, a study of 3,394 respondents by BarBend.com, the world’s leading strength training resource and news outlet, appears to confirm this proposition – that we are willing to take the easiest route to get somewhere, the path of least resistance. They discovered that, if given a binary choice, 1 in 3 (33%) North Carolinians admit they’d rather drive, than walk to a destination that’s a mere 5-minute walk away. This compares to a national average of 32%.

South Carolina was found to be the second worst state in America, with 52% of South Carolinians being strongly against walking even 5 minutes.