North Carolina Man Drives 650 Miles To Listen To Cubs Win The World Series With Late Father


Over 50 years ago, Wayne Williams Jr. and his dad made a promise that when the Cubs made it to the World Series, they would watch the game together. Unfortunately, Wayne Sr. passed away about 36 years ago without witnessing the Cubs every make it to the big game.

In spite of his father passing away, and in spite of the fact that Wayne Jr. had moved to North Carolina years ago, he decided to make good on the pact. He packed up his Cubs jersey, and his memorial “W” flag, got in his car, and started the 650 mile drive up to Greenwood Forest Lawn Cemetery just south of Chicago in Greenwood, Ind. to listen to the championship game on the radio with his dad.

“We had a pact that when the Cubs make it to the World Series, we are going to listen to the game together,” commented Wayne Jr..

Wayne Sr. was a veteran of World War II in the United States Navy and was buried in Greenwood south of Chicago off Interstate 65.

He was devastated when the Cubs lost a major division lead in 1969 and if he hasn’t died in 1980, “(the playoff loss in) 1984 would have done it.”

“My dad and I had kind of made a pact that when – not if – the Cubs made the World Series, we would watch the games together,” Wayne Jr. remarked.