New NC Bill Would Require Hybrid Owners To Pay Extra Fees To Offset Gas They Don’t Use


NC State Legislators have just introduced a new bill that would require hybrid and electric vehicle owners to pay an extra annual fee to offset the gas taxes they aren’t paying since their vehicles don’t use as much gas as non-hybrid vehicles.

According to the new Senate Bill 446, electric owners would be required to pay almost 2 times what they already pay in annual registration fees (currently $130 per year). By the year 2022, it would rise to $275, higher than any other state in the nation (there are currently 19 other states that require additional fees for hybrid and electric owners).

Hybrid vehicle owners would also be required to pay an extra annual fee for the first time, which would start at $87.50 in 2020 and rise to $137.50 by 2022.

The NC State Transportation Committee approved the bill on Wednesday and it’s now being sent to the finance committee, if passed, it will move onto the floor for a vote.

What do you think about the new bill?