New Duke Energy Coal Ash Leak Just Discovered on Lake Wylie

via Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation
via Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation

According to The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation, a new coal ash leak has just beed discovered near Lake Wylie’s Allen Steam Station.

It was discovered coming from an abandoned pipe during a routine court-sanctioned inspection. The pipe drains directly out of one of Duke Energy’s ‘retired’ coal ash reservoirs.

The Riverkeepers now fear that continued corrosion of the pipe could lead to a similar blowout to what was seen 3 years ago at the Dan River, but since Lake Wylie has such a higher population than Dan River, this has the potential to affect far more people.

Duke Energy just released a statement saying that the pipe is likely leaking groundwater at a rate of about ‘a coffee cup per minute’. They said they took a sample of the water and it met state surface water standards, but with an elevated level of boron (indicating possible coal ash leakage).

Although Duke Energy has now plugged the pipe, the risk of further corrosion or a blowout is still possible.

The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation is asking that all coal ash basins around the Lake Wylie steam station to be moved away from all bodies of water.

The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of what happened in Belmont, NC.