NC Votes Continue To Be Counted – Here’s How You Can Check If Your Vote Was Accepted


As votes continue to be counted across our state from ballots that were mailed in on or before election day (the Supreme Court upheld NC’s rule that ballots could still be received through Nov. 12th), many voters across our state are wondering if their vote has been counted.

There’s now a simple way for anyone can check.

Simply go to and enter your name and your county:

After hitting ‘search’, the next page will show several tabs with information about your voting history.

To see if your ballot was accepted, click on either ‘Voter History’ (if you voted on election day) or ‘Your Absentee Ballot’ (if you voted early or if you mailed in your ballot):

If you voted on election day or you mailed in your ballot this month, it may still take some time before your ballot shows up in the system.