NC Senate Just Signed The Updated House ‘Brunch Bill’ – Now Awaits Governor’s Signature


north-carolina-brunch-billNorth Carolina’s so called “brunch bill”, which essentially allows alcohol sales two hours earlier on Sunday mornings (10am instead of the current 12pm), is now one step closer to becoming law.

The Senate passed the new bill with a vote of 37 to 9 with 1 democrat and 8 republicans voting against it. The newly ratified bill was presented to the governor and is now expected to receive his signature and become law within the next couple days – as soon as it is signed, it becomes law across the state (which could happen today).

Local municipalities will still have to agree to the earlier hours, but Charlotte officials have already stated that they support the bill and will allow all restaurants and grocery stores in our city to sell alcohol at the earlier time on Sunday mornings.

If you’d like to drink a mimosa this coming Sunday morning at 10am, you can call Governor Cooper today and tell him to sign Senate Bill 155, his phone number is (919) 814-2000.