NC Basketball Player’s Shoe Fail Shocks The World Sending Nike Stock Down $1.12 Billion


The most unimaginable thing in sports just happened at one of the worst times possible – the sneaker of Duke’s star freshman Zion Williamson (who many consider to be one of the best in college basketball) ripped apart, sending the young star to the ground with a sprained knee.

The bizarre incident took place less than a minute into the game and ultimately game the #8 ranked UNC underdogs a 88-72 victory over the #1 ranked Duke.

This clip shows the moment when Williamson’s foot blew out the side of his sneaker;

The moment was historic on so many levels – one of the greatest college basketball players in the country blew out his sneaker during one of the most watched games of the year.

Even former President Barack Obama seemed confused by what happened, doning a perplexed look and exclaiming “his shoe broke”;

Nike stock plummeted the day after the incident, losing over $1 billion in total value;