Myers Park Baptist Church Donates $100,000 Toward LGBT Organization’s New Homeless Shelter


time-out-youth-centerCharlotte’s Time Out Youth recently announced plans for a new homeless shelter in Charlotte.

Thanks to a generous $100,000 donation by Myers Park Baptist Church, the LGBT organization will now have enough funds to purchase and renovate their new shelter, also doubling as a new center for the organization.

The shelter is expected to house at least a dozen homeless youths.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Myer’s Park Baptist has been an active supporter of Time Out Youth for the past two decades – it even provided it’s meeting space when the orgainzation first launched in the early 90s.

Scott Crowder, one of the leaders at Myers Park Baptist, commented that the church is called to protect those who are at risk, dehumanized or excluded.

Teens in the LGBT lifestyle often face challenges that contribute to homelessness, such as social stigma and rejection by their families. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, 4 out of every 10 homeless youth identify as being LGBT.