Mecklenburg County’s New Compost Central Just Opened – The Only Composting Center In Our City


new-new-487Our city’s new Compost Central just celebrated its grand opening today – it’s currently our County’s only composting center, producing a compost product for sale from the yard trimmings received.

Last year over 120,000 tons of yard trimmings were received, mostly from residential curbside collection and landscapers, the new facility will drastically help manage the increasing amount of organic waste, as well as increase the county’s income through the sale of compost.

The new facility joins 3 other recycling centers operated by Mecklenburg County – one in the northern portion of the County (North Mecklenburg Recycling Center), one in the eastern portion of the County (Hickory Grove Recycling Center), and one in the southern portion of the County (Foxhole Recycling Center).

According to, “All four fully staffed recycling centers accept the same recyclable materials that are collected in the curbside residential programs, as well as household hazardous waste, white goods or appliances, scrap tires, metal, discarded electronics, household garbage and small quantities of construction and demolition waste. The facility collects and processes residential and commercial recyclables, yard trimmings and solid waste.

If you’d like to find out more about the facility, Mecklenburg County will be holding an open house event on April 22, 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM at Compost Central – 140 Valleydale Road, Charlotte, NC 28214.