Matthews Girl Breaks Record by Selling 4,203 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies


Matthew’s own Madison ‘Maddie’ Miller just sold over 4,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this season, making her the 2019 Top Seller and Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council Record Breaker.

While many in her girl scout troop were excited about selling enough cookies to possibly win backpacks and T-shirts, 9-year-old Maddie was determined to take home the top prize – a brand new, top-of-the-line laptop (which would require her to more than double her previous year’s sales).

The Bain Elementary School student’s success came down to good-old-fashioned marketing hustle, handing out business cards and custom delivery bag labels all around town, dominating social media, and repetitively pushing her products to friends and family.

Since she was the 2019 top seller, in addition to her new laptop, Maddie also won a Nintendo Switch, a trip to the Atlanta Zoo, sleeping bag, Vans backpack and tickets to the Cookie Coronation at the Charlotte Knights game, where she received special recognition as a Cookie Top Seller before the game.

Maddie is already excited for next cookie season, and said her new goal is to sell at least 5,000 boxes.