Massive 8-Car Pileup on I-85 Results In The Death of 3 People


Yesterday afternoon, a deadly 8-car pileup on I-85 resulted in the death of 3 people.

According to the SC Highway Patrol, the wreck occurred at about 2:50 pm as a tight line of cars were driving through ‘the chute’ (a temporary single lane stretch of highway) near exit 90, about 40 miles west of Charlotte.

“These chutes should be called death traps. While state officials have endorsed them at 2 separate public meetings in Gaffney, I disagree with their being safe for motorists,” said Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler. “It seems none of those officials are around to ride with me to knock on the doors of next of kin to deliver the message a loved one has been killed in this maze of concrete. Something must be done immediately. We cannot lose any more lives at the sacrifice of a road project.”

Do you think changes should be made to future road projects?