Making Your Rental Apartment in Charlotte Look Fabulous

41% of people in Charlotte rent their home, with the average rent being $1,321 a month. Renting is often a convenient and affordable way of living in the area that you want to be in. When you are living in a rented apartment however, you may find that there are certain restrictions on decorating your home. Landlords often want the walls in a property kept painted with neutral colors, such as white and cream, and for the floorings to be left as they are, especially if they are hard-wearing carpets. Decorating an apartment like this is practical and makes it easy to sell, but it may not be in your own personal taste and style. There are plenty of ways however, that you can spruce up your apartment in Charlotte, so that it reflects your own taste.
Blinds and curtains
Changing the blinds and curtains is an excellent way of injecting your own color scheme into an apartment without changing the wall colors. Industry experts Justblindsncurtains recommend going for ombre shade blinds, for a modern twist. Ombre fits in with boho styling, or gives you the choice of 2-3 shades in a classic color scheme. Bold, geometric patterns on curtains and blinds are another great way of bringing a modern twist into your apartment space, and you can mix and match prints depending on the seasons. You could even put up blinds to represent your favorite Charlotte sports team, if you love the 49ers choose a vivid forest green, or a bright turquoise for the Charlotte Hornets.
Throws and rugs 
Textured throws and rugs are a great way of bringing some stylish Scandinavian hygge into your apartment. In the winter months, think Game of Thrones and go for plush faux fur in soft greys and browns – it will give your living space the feeling of luxury and comfort. You will look forward to taking off your shoes and getting comfortable when you come home from work. If you’re going for a classic, executive look in your apartment, then corduroy or tweed are good fabrics for rugs and runners in your space, and they are extremely hardwearing too. Deep reds and greens can bring a feeling of warmth and comfort.
Change up your artwork
You don’t have to drill nails into the walls to be able to put up your own artwork. Command Strips are one of the most common ways to attach pictures and paintings without ruining the walls. You can also use poster hangers that will easily hang from dado rails and coving. Another option is to have some of your favorite photos printed as restickable picture tiles. These can make a beautiful feature on your walls that is unique and personal to you.
If you are renting an apartment in Charlotte, it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate in your own personal style. With fabrics, textiles and paintings you can give your personal space a stylish makeover.