Major Retailer Just Announced Plans To Add 500 New North Carolina Jobs in 2017


100253043-walmart-employees-india-gettyp-530x298Walmart just announced plans to add over 10,000 U.S. jobs and provide skills-building training to about 250,000 of their employees before the end of 2017.

Many of the new positions would be in new stores, including 59 Walmart and Sam’s Club sites it is set to open, remodel or expand. The company says this level of job growth is consistent with what it has delivered over the past several years.

Wal-Mart plans on specifically adding at least 500 new jobs in North Carolina, mostly from new store openings.

“Over the next year, we plan to open at least four more stores (in North Carolina), continue to innovate our business, invest in e-commerce and continue to improve our existing stores by remodeling more than 20 locations across the state, including four in Charlotte,” commented Phillip Keene with Wal-Mart’s Southeast district.

The company will be attempting to attract and retain talent by expanding their Academies program that provides special training for store workers. This year, they’ll open about 160 new training facilities to offer various kinds of skills training (big news considering they’ve only opened 40 to-date)

This comes on the heals of Amazon’s announcement to add 100,000 new jobs over the next 18 months.