Last Night’s Extreme Storms Caused Tornadoes in Hickory and Flooding in Boone


Yesterday afternoon the majority of North and South Carolina was placed under a tornado watch as severe thunderstorms quickly formed.

Charlotte experienced some extreme winds and heavy rains, but the hardest hit areas seem to be between Hickory and Boone where tornadoes and flash flooding caused millions of dollars of damage and left thousands without power this morning.

In this video you can see trees being ripped apart in Hickory, NC by the extreme winds;

The Hickory airport experienced some of the worst damage from the storm, with planes and cars tossed around and 2 hangers ripped apart;

The extreme weather also toppled hundreds of trees throughout the Hickory region;

Highland School Apartments

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While tornadoes and extreme winds were destroying many parts of Hickory, NC, heavy rains were causing flooding in the mountains.

Here’s a video of the beginning of the flash flooding on the campus of App State in Boone, NC;

By the time the rains stopped, many areas of the city were under water;

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According to Duke Energy’s outage map, there are still over 78,000 people around the greater Charlotte region affected by power outages from last night’s storms;

Did you experience any damage or power outages from last night’s storms?