Landslides and Flooding Near North Carolina Dam Causes Emergency Evacuations


Over 2,000 residents were evacuated after emergency crews anticipated a possible dam failure in western North Carolina.

Officials in McDowell County reported that widespread flooding was being caused by heavy rainfall of 4-6 inches over the past 24 hours. “This is causing significant and life-threatening flooding countywide. Floodwaters have reached levels not seen since the September 2004 floods associated with Hurricanes Frances and Ivan. Numerous evacuations of residences, businesses, and campgrounds, road closures, water rescues, and landslides are ongoing.”

This morning at about 1am, the National Weather Service sent out an emergency alert for all residents between Lake Shore Dr. to Lake Tahoma Rd. to leave their homes immediately, urging residents to “ACT NOW TO PRESERVE YOUR LIFE!”

Here is a compilation video of what the dam looked like last night put out by World News;

Shelters were opened at the YMCA in Marion, the Glenwood Baptist Church and Old Fort Baptist Church. No injuries have been reported, NBC News also said.

Lake Tahoma is located about 5 miles northwest of Marion, North Carolina, and about 60 miles northweat of Charlotte.

Flash flood warnings were sent out on Tuesday for North Carolina ahead of subtropical storm Alberto.