Kings Mountain Moving Forward With Massive $120 Million Mixed-Use Development


The Kings Mountain City Council just approved a massive $120 million mixed-use development in the heart of the city.

The new development was proposed by RD Harrell Co. and is now being called ‘Cannon 35’. The 57-acre project is slated for 360 apartments, 215 townhomes, 155 senior-housing units, and several retail units.

It will be built between Kings Mountain Boulevard and Crocker Road, just a couple miles north of the new $273 million Catawba Two Kings Casino Resort.

According to the official proposal submitted to the City of Kings Mountain:

“The Cannon 35 mixed-used development…will provide a variety of complimentary land uses and product types within a planned community setting to create a walkable, livable neighborhood with multi-family housing, townhomes, and commercial retail space suitable and harmonious with the community to serve the anticipated growth in the Kings Mountain region…The community amenities will include greenway walking trails, dog park, pools, cabanas, and pickle ball courts sufficient for tournament circuit competition.”

What do you think about the new development? 




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