Japanese Film Crew Travels To Charlotte To Search For The Lake Norman Monster


A Japanese film crew traveled to the Charlotte area to attempt to find the elusive Lake Norman Monster, AKA ‘Normie’.

The crew from “WHAT’S THIS – MYSTERIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD” hooked up with Captain Gus Gustafson, a local expert on the creature, and Matt Myers, the creator of LakeNormanMonster.com to search the lake.

The team spent 3 days searching the lake using sonar and deep sea fishing gear:

According to The Herald Weekly, the team spent the first day digging through old footage of the creature and fishing for ‘Normie bait’, including catfish and spotted bass.

Day 1 was used to familiarize the film crew with the lake, plus record footage describing Normie’s background and various locations where he has been spotted. We spent some time catching bait in my cast net and fishing for larger “Normie snacks” in the forms of spotted bass and catfish.

Day 2 was spent fishing for ‘Normie’ down the center of Lake Norman with live fish and whole chickens. At one point, Captain Gus something massive with one of the chickens, and after a lengthy fight, his 250lb line suddenly snapped – everyone onboard agreed that whatever was on the line was much larger than any lake fish they’ve ever heard of.

Day 3 was spent using sonar and scuba equipment searching the bottom of the lake for signs of Normie, with the help of a Catawba County Sheriff’s office investigator. At one point, Captain Gus recorded an unusually large signal on his sonar, but due to the murkiness of the water, the diving crew was never able to spot anything underwater.

Unfortunately, the team did not find any conclusive proof of Normie this time, but the film crew did capture some very interesting moments for their show.

If you’d like to search for Normie yourself, you can read about all the Normie sightings here.