Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Dating?


Online dating has existed for a long time now. But for most of the part, it doesn’t allow you to meet the person you hit a match with until you two decide to go out. Virtual reality can change this concept of online dating.

The advent of VR

VR has come of age, and experts are trying to combine online dating and virtual reality to see how it can transform the dating experience. This version of dating will not limit the users to only sifting through the photos of their partners through the dating app or website; it will also allow you to spend quality time in a virtual space with your love interest.

You will not be there with the other person physically, but both of you can see what the other is doing. Merely chatting on the app and not meeting the person doesn’t always foster a romantic vibe, but this technology can bring the dating site users closer to their matches. Enrolling to a program that offers a unique relationship program will enhance the chance to get the woman you ever dreams. The Girlfriend Activation System will develop and boost your inner-self growth to aid you better and make awesome meaningful ways to have a long term relationship.

Immersive dating

3D in movies has already tried to capitalize on VR, and it is time now for dating apps to create a similar experience for the users. With the dating experience getting more immersive than ever, it no longer matters whether you’re living half a world away from Paris because LOveSita and other dating apps already utilize the latest in technology to remove the traditional barriers of distance and location.

The concept is unique. Users of the dating website will stay in their respective places, but when they connect to their match using VR technology, they will be able to see their partner’s avatar through the VR headset. This concept involves scanning the body of the users while they are signing in to the website. It allows the matches to shake hands in VR, touch each other in the virtual space, and even hug one another. And for those of you looking for trusted dating sites, be sure to check out the reviews of dating apps like Eharmony and Match.

Can VR change the experience of online dating?

Experts from the University of Illinois and the West Virginia University conducted a study where they collated data of the success of first physical dates after couples meet online. Their report showed a significant success rate, but there were cases where things did not work out as couples did not find each other attractive enough in spite of favorable online interactions. They also informed that the more the couples communicate before the meeting, the more chances they can succeed after the first date.

But they believe that the introduction of VR and its immersive nature can make this process more successful. It will offer a more personal experience to the dating app users where they will already know how the other person looks before their first meeting. This can save the embarrassment of being stood out in a café or the heartbreak of not being “good enough.”

What VR is trying to incorporate in the online dating industry is to lift the limitation of not meeting your match immediately. Apart from checking out the pictures in his/her profile, this technology will also allow you to meet your match in a virtual environment and interact just like you would during a normal date in person.