Installment Loans in Texas – Specs, Benefits, Application Procedure


Microfinance organizations offer favorable conditions for lending online installment loans in Texas. The number of people who resort to these services increase day by day, which allows them to save time on visiting the bank. To apply for a loan online, you just need Internet access and a computer or any mobile device. So, what is special about installment loans? Who can apply for them? And what should you provide to get a loan? 

Features of Installment Loans

The main distinctive feature of installment loans in Texas is the quick application review and the opportunity to get the money within a few minutes. Unlike banking institutions that issue loans to clients with good credit history and official employment, microfinance organizations are not afraid of working with riskier clients.

Online resources have a highly developed system for assessing potential borrowers due to a common base for a comprehensive evaluation of creditworthiness. Therefore, applications are considered in the shortest possible time and automatically. The best feature of such companies is the ability to improve the credit history of clients, which is subject to timely debt repayment.

Thus, a client with a bad credit history may provide a certificate of employment to increase the likelihood of application approval. An unofficially working citizen can apply for a microloan since a mandatory confirmation of employment is not required when submitting an application.

The Procedure

In order to receive an installment loan, you only need to do is to choose a financial company and go through the registration procedure with getting access to your personal account. After that, you are to fill out a questionnaire and indicate reliable and relevant personal data, namely:

  • ID data;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Gender and age;
  • Place of registration and residence;
  • Estimated monthly income;
  • Place of work;
  • Payment bank card details.

After completing the questionnaire, you should indicate the desired amount and loan term, send an application for consideration. Some microfinance organizations may request a photo of your ID card to avoid fraudulent activities. After sending the application, the procedure for checking (verifying) the client’s bank card is carried out.


Installment loans are in high consumer demand due to a number of advantages, which include the following: 

  • Fast consideration of the application in automatic mode;
  • Minimum requirements for clients (no need to provide a certificate of income from an official place of work, no collateral and search for guarantors are required);
  • Round-the-clock operation of online services;
  • No hidden fees and commissions;
  • Loyalty to borrowers (even people with bad credit history and the presence of late payments on other loans can get money);
  • The possibility of prolonging the loan agreement without deteriorating credit history;
  • Regular holding of drawings, promotions, and the availability of special advantageous offers;
  • Convenient ways to pay off debt.

So, if you need some money as soon as possible, you should consider an installment loan and look for a micro financial organization with the most favorable terms.