Instagram to Increase the Influence of (Micro) Influencers


Everyone has been using Instagram for their love of social media and it’s needless to say that they were working on some amazing features. Be it the engaging features or the stories, highlighted posts or the branded hashtags, there is so much more to Instagram. If you are an active Instagram user, you would know the popularity and the ever-increasing number of influencers. However, these aren’t the influencers that make bounds with the follower’s base but they have a relatively lesser follower base and can be named as the micro-influencers. 

Moreover, the heart of Instagram (yes, the like button) is being removed but don’t worry, it’s not going to be forever. For instance, the users will be able to look at a number of likes and the audience will be able to see if their friends liked the same post. The audience won’t know the number of likes in total. Many people are still confused about what it means. So, let us tell you that it is one of Instagram’s tactics to help influencers increase the engagement rate.

It is perceived that when Buy Instagram Likes won’t be able to look at the number of counts, they will increase their efforts towards the engagement enhancement because in usual cases, they don’t work on creating engagement. 

Value Tracking 

When it comes to the vanity metrics, there has been hype around social media and how it is creating a false impact on the tracking value. However, the majority of the businesses are using vanity metrics but there is no one reason. There are times when you are opting for vanity metrics as per the orders of the boss but in some cases, profiles opt for vanity metrics because they don’t have any other tracking setups. Moreover, some profiles also use vanity metrics because people are used to doing it. 

No matter why one is using the value of the metric, it holds no value and to be honest, it is hardly ever going to increase the social media engagement. For every social media platform, there will be different types of engagement and the rate differs as well. Similarly, the engagement will provide a different value. In easy words, one platform cannot help track everything because every platform is different and so are there needs. 

This means that businesses will need to work on the number of followers on instagram  because there seems to be no other apparent way of showing the outward face. Also, make sure the number of likes is sturdy if you are going to opt for the influencer or internal campaigns. 

Saying No To Tribe Mentality

If you are on social media, you would know the never-ending stream of fake news that makes rounds around the platform which speaks volumes about the tribe mentality. In other words, whenever a social media user is going through a certain page, they come across the highly engaging content and to name it, it’s the social proof. 

For instance, if someone is jumping into the well, we will know that that we must not do the same but can do, right? Similarly, when someone has liked the post or someone has watched the videos for 1000 times, you will be tempted to look at it and see why the content is doing so well. For instance, if people have been talking about the news that the group of hackers is stealing everyone’s bank account money and everyone would be interested in knowing the backstory or share their opinion. Once everyone starts making comments to shape their opinion, the engagement of a certain post will spike up and that’s how my friend, the algorithm works!

With this inability to watch the number of likes, the users will not be able to see the invaluable content; rather they will be watching the watch that compels them and the news according to their taste. 

Higher Trust Level

With the elimination of like count visibility, Instagram and the influencers are basically checking the level of trust the followers have on the followed pages. For instance, they won’t see something only because it had an increased number of likes but they will look at them because they want to watch the content posted by a certain page or influencer. The micro-influencers will be benefited here as they have a limited yet highly sincere follower base who is with them for the content rather than the popularity.