How to wipe a laptop?


Wiping your laptop is one of the most important steps you must do it before selling your laptop so that when it goes to its new owner it doesn’t have any of your old DATA, doing this is important so that you don’t run into problems later on. Problems such as theft of data or any other problems related to your personal data or if you are just running into problems on your laptop it is best to wipe it so that it becomes new and as efficient as possible to use.  

Back up data: 

Before wiping any laptop it is essential that you back up your data so that you have a backup of all your data and your data is safe with you so that whenever you needed in the future it is there with you.Wiping data from thunderbolt 3 laptops is really easy best thunderbolt 3 laptop list is here The best way to backup data is through an external drive connected to the computer. You do have to check if the external drive that you connected to the computer is big enough to store all your data. Then if you think it’s big enough you just must drag your files onto it.

How to wipe a laptop running on windows 7, Vista and XP: 

  • Use application such as DBAN
  • You will need to put it on a USB or disk to use it. 
  • Once you have inserted a USB or a test you can start the wiping process by wipe and restart 
  • Make sure you use the booting drive and follow the prompts. 
  • It will be a really long process so just be ready  

How to wipe a laptop running on windows 8: 

  • It is much easier to wipe a laptop that is running on Windows 8. 
  • First you must go on start screen and then you can find the charms bar. 
  • Click settings and then click change PC settings and then choose to remove everything. 
  • When the option is given to remove the data make sure to choose thoroughly rather than quickly. 
  • This will be proved very efficient.

How to wipe out laptop running on Windows 10: 

  • Wiping out the laptop which has Windows 10 is easy. 
  • What do you must do is go to the start bar then settings and then choose update and security and then choose recovery. 
  • Click get started and if you want to restore Windows 10 again then choose the applicable section and select option to remove everything. 
  • Clean all the drives that you have. 

How to wipe out a Mac Laptop: 

  • Wiping out a Mac laptop is easier than all the other windows. 
  • For newer Macs a system disk is not required but for earlier Macs it is. 
  • To start the recovery process hold down command an R key as the computer restarts open the disk utility  
  • Look for the erase tab security options and click 7 pass erase. 
  • Now the computer will take a few hours but it will do the job very easily. 

So these are just some of the ways that you can clear your laptop if you want to sell it or just want to clean it in general it is important to do that in order to keep your laptop healthy and make use of it for as long as possible.