How to Win at Fantasy Sports When You Aren’t a Sports Fan


The idea of fantasy sports is very exciting. You can create a team and act as a manager to help you win games. And you can even win some money if you take the league you’re in. 

It can be quite intoxicating to see your team perform well thanks to your superior MLB DFS picks that you put into place due to your research. What happens if you aren’t a sports fan, though? Are you not able to take part? It seems like you are destined to lose and waste your time if you don’t follow sports.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even a non-sports fan can enjoy playing fantasy sports and can even win if you play it correctly. In this article, I will go over some ideas to help you win your league even if you don’t know much about sports. 

Pick a sport

You are in a unique position to play fantasy sports by not being a fan. You can pick a sport based on external factors rather than because you are a fan of a particular one.

This means that you can be more analytical in your reasons for choosing one over another. Look for the types of fantasy rules for each sport to find the one that best aligns with your typical approach to analytics.

For instance, some leagues have different ways to tally points for certain goals within the game. A quarterback in football will score points for your team for yards gained by running and score differently for passing yards. This can make your research more complicated and could have you choose a different sport like basketball which has a more straightforward scoring system. 

Dive into the research

Even if you were a big sports fan, this step would be crucial to the success of your team. Championships are won and lost at this point in the process before you even draft your team.

Once you have your sport chosen, you need to go through the top players in the league and really dive into what makes them good players. Pick apart their stats so you can understand how they are going to score you points. 

Some of these players are going to be no brainers in the sense that if you have a high draft pick then you can just grab one of the top offensive players in their respective sports and do well.

It is the subsequent rounds that require a deft touch and picking some diamonds in the rough. 

Make it fun

The point of playing fantasy sports is to have fun. So even though you may not be a sports fan, make some picks that will be fun to watch how they play out. Also, taking on some side bets or challenges throughout the season will also give it some additional fun. 

The key is to take it seriously enough that you have a chance to win, but not so serious that you fail to have a good time.