How to Tidy Up Your Hair Before a Date


A date is an exciting moment. So you want to make an impression, be on top, look good. Manicure, makeup, favorite outfit everything is ready. What about hair? Fortunately, there are many different devices for getting your hair done today. With a styler, curling iron, or hair straightening brush, you can do whatever style you want in no time.

Not the most beautiful hairstyle is the best, but the most natural one. You will be much more comfortable if you do not constantly think about a need to correct it. Remember that an excessively complicated hairstyle and too voluminous hair is not suitable for a date unless the evening’s theme provides a particular style. Who knows, maybe you will visit an opera or ballet. 

It would be best if you did not use many styling products and remember that naturalness is your trump card. It would be embarrassing to come on a date with messy hair. But if the date is unexpected, you can always use dry shampoo. Keep the travel version of this product in your purse, and you can tidy up your hair at any time. If shampoo is not at hand, make a smooth, neatly assembled bunch.

Simple Hairstyles for Your Charming Look

Natural curls 

This styling method never goes out of style, but it will only work if you have time. Clean hair should be rolled onto large diameter tongs from the face to the back of the head, choosing sufficiently broad strands, after applying a small amount of varnish to each strand (varnish should be of medium fixation). We recommend stepping back a few (5-6) centimeters from the hair roots. It will give your hair a natural look. At the end of styling, I recommend applying a small amount of hair gloss spray. You will immediately notice how others are looking at your hair admiringly.

Smooth tail

We often see this hairstyle at fashion shows in various variations. In everyday life, it will not be challenging to make it. Spray the roots of your hair, comb them well, and collect a smooth tight ponytail at the back of your head. We recommend stretching the hair length with a styler or straightener and treating it with a gloss spray, which will remove static stress from the strands and give them a more well-groomed look.

Relaxed bunch 

Use hairpins, invisible hairpins, or even a special hair bagel, but do not forget the two main commandments — volume and carelessness. The prima ballerina’s hairstyle is not our case.

Straight hair

Straighten your hair with the hair straightening brush, pre-treated with a spray to smooth the structure — relatively superior but straightforward styling. If there are no ideas on how to style your hair, you don’t have to think long.

Hairstyle with braiding elements 

Roll your hair into large curlers or curling tongs, decide on the parting and select two zones on the face to the right and left. Braid each zone in a braid or twist it into a bundle, taking it to the back of the head. For extra volume, comb hair roots all over your head. Then connect the two weaving elements at the end of the head with hairpins or invisible pins. Fix the result with a little varnish.

That’s all out tips on how to tidy up your hair before a date. Choose the most suitable option and shine bright like a diamond.