How to Start Flipping Houses: 4 Tips


Maybe you’ve watched a lot of Fixer Upper, or perhaps you’ve just hear a lot about how lucrative flipping houses for a living can be. Either way, you’re interested in pursuing this as a career path and want the details on how to go about it as successfully as possible, you’re in luck. This article is all about how to begin flipping houses. Follow our four tips and get ready for future financial bliss. 

1. Look For Options

Flipping houses for a living is much more practical than it may sound. If we honor the very real fact that it takes money to make money, we can then appreciate the fact that it takes less money to buy a run-down house than it does to buy one that is in perfect condition. See less popular living locations and run-down houses as stellar investments, as these are the properties with the real potential for greatness. Wherever you plan to start house flipping, go for the less popular or less desired neighborhoods first to find jackpot options at reduced prices. You can also filter your searches on real estate sites to see listings that include foreclosure and lease-to-own options. 

2. Consider Flipping Houses Abroad

Currently, there is a lot of interest in Italy’s housing market, with so many old historic homes selling for very low. You can find listings for genuine Italian villas for little of nothing and put your money’s worth into renovations rather than into what you spend in the initial investment. The key is to see the potential of the house and picture what it could be. In the end, once all home transformations and renovations are complete. Where you search for your homes truly makes a big difference. Think about Fixer Upper. They flip houses in Waco, Texas. You don’t see them flipping homes in Austin. You need to hunt for homes in places that are less sought-after to find the best! If you do plan on flipping homes in more desirable areas, be sure to have your finances in order. Consider hard money real estate loans to secure your future investments. 

3. Gather Your Team

Once you’ve set your sights on specific homes, round up a team of experts who you can count on to complete each renovation project. You will need licensed contractors, painters, design experts, and others with the knowledge to transform the homes you’ve purchased into something spectacular. Like in the restaurant business, you should be looking for bulk suppliers who can give you the building materials you’ll need at a reduced rate, given the consistency that you will likely be purchasing them. Finding awesome deals on lumber suppliers and experts who can conduct roofing restorations is extremely important if you are making repairs to homes that are incredibly run-down. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid 

Take chances! You are in a unique position to see potential where someone else saw a lost cause. You can take that run-down two-bedroom home and turn it into something desirable with the right outlook. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make investments in homes that are in poor states. Try to find passion in purchasing these homes and make it your mission to restore them to their original, perfect condition, or even better. 

The Bottom Line

House flipping is undoubtedly creative and fulfilling, but it will take time and commitment to see the success you want out of it. Take time to gather your options, your teams, and the money you need for investments, and be willing to see the good in every house you flip. You got this!