How to prepare the apartment for guests?


There is an interesting pattern in this world – if mess has accumulated in your flat, and there is no food inside your refrigerator, one of your relatives or friends is going to visit you. 

Were you taken by surprise by the joyful news – “we are on the way”? Then urgently send someone to the supermarket and begin to restore order in an accelerated mode.

Take care of your appearance

When visitors cross the threshold of your home, the first thing they look at is you. Go to the bathroom, wash, dry and style your hair, apply some makeup and change into decent, clean clothes.

Pay special attention to the bathroom

It was not in vain that we suggested you start with a visit to the bathroom. After taking care of your own appearance, you can immediately switch your attention to cleaning the bathroom. 

After all, your guests will definitely drop by to wash their hands and use the toilet. Shining faucets and a clean mirror will tell them a lot about your housekeeping. Rinse the bathtub and sink, brush the toilet, use an air freshener. Check your toilet paper supplies to avoid embarrassing situations. Don’t forget to hang clean, dry towels and a fresh bar of soap.

Neutralize odors

When people enter a room, the first thing that greets them is the aroma. In a home with children and animals, the smells that come through are sometimes not quite nice. The truth is that it’s quite difficult for the owners to understand what their flat smells like. Over time, a person gets used to the smell of the place where they live, and does not feel it.

The first thing to do is to open the windows wide open and ventilate the rooms. Then, collect and take out the garbage from each room. A lit scented candle will also help remedy the situation.

Clean all visible surfaces

Toys, magazines, shoes scattered on the floor clearly indicate to visitors that the flat is in disarray. Put the toys in a basket and the extra shoes in the closet. Make sure that there is no mess on the floor and other surfaces. You do not want your guests to move around the flat, stumbling over all sorts of little things. Finally, dust off the cabinets and vacuum the floors.

Serve the table

If you decide to serve food from the supermarket, be sure to transfer it to your dishes. Cover the table with a clean tablecloth, lay out the cutlery and place some cups or grasses. If possible, decorate the table with fresh flowers.

If you decide to cook dinner by yourself, here are some ideas for a quick and tasty meal!

Now imagine how your life would change if your flat was always ready to meet unexpected guests? You would stop making excuses for why your friend can’t stop by on the way to the movies, and you wouldn’t blush with embarrassment letting people into your flat.

To keep your home in near perfect condition, you will have to make daily efforts and work hard on yourself. So let’s also go through some habits that will get you closer to being a tidy person:

  1. Always make the bed

Before leaving the house (or better yet, the bedroom) in the morning, make your bed. If you’re in a rush, just pull the duvet over the pillows and smooth it out to give your bed a neat look. This simple action will create a sense of order in the bedroom and set you up for a productive mood.

  1. Wash the dishes immediately after eating

By rinsing your plates and cups immediately after eating, you free up more time to spend on yourself. The larger the mountain of dishes, the more difficult it is to start eliminating it.

  1. Load laundry daily

Washing your clothes on a regular basis will quell the buildup of a dirty pile (not to mention you will never run out of clean laundry). In large families, such a ritual is performed every morning, but if you live alone, it will be enough for you to set aside a couple of days a week for those clothes.

  1. Use storage baskets

When every item has its place, it is much easier to put things in order. You can organize all sorts of little things with the help of cute baskets or plastic containers. If you need more storage space, just add shelves to the interior.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Are you out of shampoo, cream, toothpaste or laundry detergent? Throw away empty vials and boxes as soon as you find them. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable by constantly thinking about what you need to throw away. Just throw it away and forget about it!

  1. Putting clothes in place

How tempting is it to throw off your clothes on the floor after a long day at work? We know the feeling. Still, it is better to take the time to fold them, hang them in the closet, or toss them into the laundry basket if need be. As a result, clothes, floors, chair backs and other surfaces will look better than ever.

  1. Put stuff away as you move through the flat

You can greatly minimize clutter by doing cleaning along the way. While the soup is simmering, you have time to rinse your cutting board. If you have a dishwasher, load it while the chicken is in the ove. Most of the dishes can be washed by the time your dinner is ready. 

This habit can be applied not only in the kitchen. For example, while the computer is booting up, you can make your bed or clean your desktop. While brushing your teeth, rinse the sink. Use the free minutes of waiting for the benefit of your home.

  1. Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen

Resist the temptation to collapse on the couch immediately after dinner. Instead, finish all the chores in the kitchen – empty and clean the sink and stove, the table and all work surfaces. 

Evening cleaning is a guarantee that the next day you will not have to tear off hardened food residues from the pans. For motivation, imagine that very feeling when you enter the kitchen and do not encounter a landfill.

Finally, in order to always be ready for guests, it is important to have a dedicated place where you can spend the time together. Be it a patio, a living room or a big kitchen, any flat should have a space for guests.

Usually, the furniture makes up the arrangement of such areas. That’s why, if you have everything you need for greeting guests, except for a lounge zone, you can always take a look at some modern dining room sets that will save you from all the trouble of lending chairs and a table from your neighbors!