How to Prepare for a Pest Treatment for Your Columbus Home


You’ve decided it’s time to get professional pest control treatment for your home. Maybe you’re sick of finding spiders in your house or maybe you just know that warmer weather is going to bring more pests and you’d like to prevent that. Whatever your reasoning, you’re ready for the professionals.

Well, almost ready. You still want to make sure that you have the best pest control in Columbus, Ohio, and you’re not sure what exactly needs to be done before the treatment can be applied in your home. There are only a few things to do to get ready for a pest control treatment in your home, but all of that starts first with finding the right pest control company to treat your home.

Find the Right Pest Control in Columbus, Ohio

To really be prepared for a great experience with pest control treatment you need the right pest control company to take care of you. There are lots of pest control companies out there, but not all of them are going to fit your needs. So it takes time and research to make sure you have the best company for your needs.

To find the best pest control in Columbus, Ohio, you need to consider a few things. First, what exactly is your pest problem? If it’s something difficult, like bedbugs, you may want to look for a company that specializes in difficult pest removal. Otherwise, you should be fine with a company that does more general pest control. 

Second, you do need to consider your budget. You don’t have to pay for the most expensive pest control for it to be effective. But paying for the cheapest option may not be best for you either. Look for a combination of affordability and service that you are comfortable with.

Do your research into customer reviews. The best way to know if a company is trustworthy and if they’re their treatments are effective is to ask other people. You may want to ask friends or neighbors for recommendations, or you can look online at customer reviews to see what kind of experiences people had with the company.

To make sure you’re really prepared before the company does any treatments on your home, make sure you request a quote from a company before agreeing to hire them. This not only helps you stick to your budget, but it also helps protect you from a company trying to add on unexpected costs. It will help keep the company accountable to you.

This initial preparation is essential to you having the best experience and results with your pest control in Columbus, Ohio. But once you’ve hired a pest control company, there’s still some preparation to be done before the company does its treatments on your home. Luckily, the rest of your preparation is a little more simple.

What to Do to Prep for Pest Control Treatment

  1. Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

Before a pest control company comes to do a treatment in your home, you should always make sure your house has been well cleaned. Pest treatments are typically applied as a spray. In order for the spray to stick well and be as effective as possible in preventing and killing pests in your home, you need to get rid of any dust or crumbs that could limit its effectiveness.

When cleaning your home before a pest treatment, give special attention to the floors because that is mostly where the treatment will be applied. However, it’s a good idea to clean around doors and windows as well to make sure the treatment can be applied in those places without hindrance.

  1. Move Furniture for Interior Treatment

As you clean your house to prepare for pest treatment, make sure to move all of your furniture away from your interior walls. It’s best to give at least a couple of feet between your furniture and the walls when you move the furniture so there’s space to apply the treatment.

When pest treatment is applied in your home, it is mostly sprayed around the edges of your interior walls. If you don’t move your furniture before pest control in Columbus, Ohio, comes to your home, then the treatment can’t be applied everywhere that it needs to go. So make sure your furniture is well out of the way before treatment.

  1. Put Away All Food

Pest treatment is intended to kill pests, so it is toxic. Don’t worry though, once the treatment has dried, it shouldn’t be harmful to be around. However, if pesticide gets on some food or dishes and then is ingested, it can be harmful to people and animals. Pesticides are dangerous to consume, but fortunately, accidental consumption is rare.

The best way to prevent accidental consumption after a pest treatment is to properly protect your food. You can do this by making sure all of your food is in airtight containers, off of the counters, and stored away from where the treatment will be applied. A good place to store food during a pest treatment is in the refrigerator. You’ll also want to make sure that pet food and dishes are stored somewhere safe, along with anything else on countertops that could be contaminated by the treatment. 

  1. Make Sure Everyone Has Somewhere to Go

Unless your pest treatment is applied only on the exterior of your home, it’s likely that you will need to be away from your home while the treatment is applied inside. The treatment can usually be applied fairly quickly, so at the most, you probably need to be gone for only a couple of hours. This will allow time for the treatment to be applied and for it to dry before you return home.

You need to be away from home during the application of the treatment so you’re protected from the airborne spray of the treatment. So make sure you, your kids, and your pets have somewhere other than the house to be. This can be as simple as going to the park or even just sitting out in your yard away from the house until the treatment has dried.

When the treatment is done, make sure you take the appropriate steps to make sure the pest treatment will last and that you and your family will be safe after the treatment. But mostly, rest assured that your home now has the best pest treatment possible.