How to Choose the Right Dining Chairs for Your House


Those who enjoy hosting dinner parties are likely to take pride in their dining area. Dining rooms come in a wide range of styles and sizes, each with its layout and furnishings. However, a good dining room must feature comfortable seating for every diner.

If you have a beautiful dining table but no chairs, choosing the appropriate chair for it should be your top priority. By reading on, find out how to choose the best dining chairs for your home.

Getting the Right Dining Chairs

Your dining chairs should complement the scale and design of the table, but they need not match. The following factors should guide your decision:

1. Size

For convenience, your dining chairs and table should be roughly the same size. The standard height for a dining room table is 30 inches, with an average of 28 or 31 inches. When taking measurements, you should factor in the table’s apron and other features.

2. Seat Height

Seat height is another factor to consider while selecting dining chairs. Seat height refers to the measurement from the floor to the top of the seat. Based on this dimension, you can tell if a chair will fit easily under a table.

Think about how big your table is and try out different chairs to find the right seat height for your table. When looking for chairs, it can be helpful to have a small measuring tape with you so you can write down the exact measurements. 

3. Width

Scale is about more than just heights. It’s also helpful if your chairs are the correct width and can tuck neatly under the table when not in use. No matter the table’s design, ensure that your chairs don’t bump into the legs or the base of a pedestal or trestle table.

Also, chairs with arms add a few more inches to the width. For dining rooms with limited spaces, chairs without arms are a good choice, or you can arrange chairs with arms at the table’s head and foot.

4. Arm and Back Measurements

When you sit down, you don’t want the tops of the chair arms to scrape or hit the table’s base or apron. This may break the chair arms and prevent guests from sitting near the table. The height should vary by two inches.

5. Material And Style

Tables and chairs should match aesthetically. Material and style must complement each other without being an exact match. So select chairs that share a design feature with your table. This can be the color of the table legs.

Additionally, you should avoid selecting chairs that are identical in appearance to your table. By adding contrast, you may be able to make the room more exciting and lively while still giving it a sense of order and unity.


Dining rooms come in many different styles and sizes, each with its layout and set of furniture. But a good dining room should have seating that is comfortable for everyone. If you have a lovely dining table but no chairs, use this post as a guide to help you choose the right ones.