How to Choose A Prom Dress?


With prom nearing in, you must be constantly discerning how to choose the perfect prom dress and look fabulous without any failure. After all, proms are the most anticipated and stimulating nights that every high schooler eagerly keeps waiting for. From proposals to shopping for the right accessories, all needs to get done perfectly, or else everything comes crumbling down. 

Choosing a dress can be quite baffling. With numerous flashy trends of this generation, people often end up blinding their fashion sense behind unorderly anxiety and turning such an awaited event into distress. It is pretty much overwhelming as choosing the right earring.

Thankfully, here we have some essential tips to help you choose the most gorgeous prom dress effortlessly, in which nothing can stop you from being the prom queen.

  • Always Be Aware of The Theme 

The first way to pick just the appropriate prom dress that will make you stand out is to be aware of the theme. Well, it is obvious that the venue would be your high school, but the theme is a very important aspect. Imagine wearing a 90s style to a casino-themed prom. You would still stand out but not in the right way. Knowing the theme and concocting accordingly will help you choose suitable accessories and add accurate detail to your dress. Planning ahead will not only help you find the convenient fit but also the most flamboyant one.

  • Gather Inspiration

Whenever you prepare for a prom dress, never skip this step. Always check out new trends and different designs that have been influential in the market lately. Properly scrutinize fashion magazines, YouTube videos, or even TV shows, and observe what celebrities have been wearing and try to figure out the essentials of this season’s dresses. Bellabarnett is an exclusive store to pick an inspiration for dressing in your prom party. Doing this will help you get some inspiration for your own outfit and give you a very robust trendy fashion sense. However, do not dissolve yourself by such influence. You are just gathering inspiration and you should be able to tick at it the right way.

  • Match the Dress Pattern with Your Body Type

Although long gowns are the classic prom attires, you have to move ahead of them in this generation. Choosing the pattern that complements your figure is the game changer in today’s world, and only long flowy gowns cannot do justice to your features. The perfect fit with a bumpless finish is what you need to keep in check. 

For instance, if you have a fuller body, the most effortless way of looking glitzy is to opt for an empire waist dress with a shorter hem. Empire waist dresses are a classy and vintage way to sway any formal celebrations. For an hourglass figure, essentially anything would look on point. Nevertheless, emphasize your waist by balancing the charts of the upper and lower bodies. Strapless dresses with a cinched waist can be a very sophisticated choice. 

Considering you have a rectangular figure, wearing A-line or empires dresses would add volume to your curves and define the waist exquisitely. Especially draped dresses and fits with flounces and folds can definitely boost your appearance. Finally, if you have a triangular body, the right choice is to go for a dress that is flowy down the waistline. This will add structure to your lower body and balance your proportions.

  • Color Adds Character

Apart from the pattern and the design, colour is the next prerequisite. Colour adds character and provides the expression that is the key impression of your outfit. Depending on what makes you confident, add the right colour to your prom night.

In modern times, vibrant solid-coloured dresses add a very flattering character. If you are more into neutrals, opting for mild hues like beige or pastels will give you sophistication and elegance altogether. Also, keep in mind, if the prom is party-themed, colors like golden and red can give you a passionate and bold look. Even picking a dress with well-contrasted hues can deliver a chic look with a unique touch to your fashion.

  • Accessories Never Disappoint

The potency of accessories can never be overlooked. It can make all the difference to any outfit and make it uncommon and attractive. To add the essential accessories without looking too garish, you have to consider the sort of dress you are modelling. If it is quite embellished and flashy, pick small stud pieces of jewellery like drop necklaces or diamond earrings. If the dress is mild and minimal, pick loud and radiant accessories like princess or statement necklaces or a custom jewellery.

With these essential things kept in mind, you are on the right path to choosing the best fit and making the crowd gaze at you. Stop overthinking and prepare step by step to get that dream outfit ready.