How to Bring Good Feng Shui to Your New Home?


One of the joys that a person can have is to own a place that he can call a “home.” That is indeed a great achievement that every hard-working person is ever dreaming about. If getting this “home” already gives you a wonderful feeling, wait until you have finally moved there. Yes, we know that the overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement in one. It is like the long hard days had paid off – finally, you can call this place a home sweet home.

Whether you have this house built according to what you have dreamed of or you have purchase an existing home, like the properties in The Iveria, it doesn’t matter what is important is it is all yours. Now that you own it, you are now expected to be packing up your things and get ready to move them to its new location. To make sure that this house will bring happiness and fortune to the owner, you should practice the science and ancient art of feng shui. Have you ever heard of this ancient Chinese practice? 

Practicing Feng Shui for a Lucky Home

Also known as Chinese Geomancy, Feng Shui is a traditional practice that traces its origins back in ancient China. This practice uses energy forces to match people with their surrounding environment. Also, it is the words “Feng,” and “Shui” literally translate to wind and water. That is why it is all about harmonization with the surroundings. This practice discusses architecture with regards to invisible forces that binds earth, humanity, and the universe together. These forces are also called as “qi.”

Looking back to its history, this traditional practice is done to orient buildings such as dwellings, tombs, and other structures – it is done in a way that will be favorable to fortune or success. If you want to live and be lucky, you need to follow and practice feng shui. But before you do any feng shui rituals in your new home, there are a couple of things that you should do. 

Before moving there, make sure that you, yourself, have let go of the old and will set intentions for this new home. It is like you are clearing the bad energy that you have probably got from your old place.  With this, you will be setting up a clean and clear energy foundation. Also, you need to do a space clearing in this new home. Homes are said to have memories. The energy that had transpired in that house from the past still lingers. So, if you have purchased an existing home, make sure to clear some spaces assuring that it is all clean and ready to welcome you.

 The important steps in feng shui didn’t there; those where just the two of the important steps that you need to ready yourself and your home. Below are vital feng shui areas you need to pay extra attention to:

  • Orderly Space with No Clutter – as what we have mentioned earlier, cleanliness is the best feng shui foundation that you should practice in your new home. Clearing away clutter should be done before you move into this home. To maintain the good feng shui, make sure that your home will always be clean especially on those important areas of the house.  A good organization system will be a best solution to eliminate clutter. One best tip: every item in the house should have its own space. Why? So that everything is in order, avoiding clutter to accumulate in the future.
  • Good Feng Shui for the New Bedroom – will you believe that bedrooms are the most important room in the house? A house will be happy if the bedroom also has the happy energy. Bringing that happy vibes in your bedroom is easy. Aside from decluttering, you also give yourself that self-love when you are in your new bedroom.
  • Choose a Meaningful Décor – it is believed that having a better connection with every décor or item in your house, the clearer your energy levels will be. It is important that you choose items that will bring happiness not just to the house but to your life as well. As cleanliness and orderliness is essential in good feng shui, make sure to only bring items that you need and let go of those that you no longer use. This is another way of avoiding complicating life with clutter.
  • Energize the New Kitchen – another important area in the new home to be energized is the kitchen. You can do this by filling up a bowl with colorful fruits, make a cup of aromatic tea, and bring in some fresh herbs. Other people recommend bringing in salt, water, and even rice to attract good energy and nourishment for the home.
  • Good Main Entry and Strong Front Door – it is believed that having a good main door and strong front door attracts good feng shui.  Make sure that it is well-lighted, clutter-free, and clean. The strong front door also means more blessings, and fortune will be coming into your home.

These are few of the important areas that you need to focus on if you wanted to bring good feng shui into your new home. Also, there are traditions and rituals that you need to observe when you move into a new home. These are:

  • Choose an auspicious date.
  • Open the windows and doors not just for good airflow but also a better means to let the positive energy flow inside.
  • Turn on the lights, stove, water pipes, and electrical appliances for about three minutes. It is believed that doing these declares the perfect function and preparedness in your new home. 
  • Bring auspicious items when you first step into the house. You should carry items such as coins, herbs, rice, and fresh fruits such as apples peaches, pineapple, and oranges.
  • Attract positive energy by setting up beds properly. 

There you have it, some of the feng shui practices you should remember when you moved into your new place.  Also, these practices will work if you believe and happy while doing it. 

Welcome home.