How technology can aid the essay writing process


When researching history, people are often fond of chronicling revolutions in military technology or politics. However, a civilization survives via its culture and how it manages to pass on knowledge. Few things are as important as the learning process and the innovations that enhance it. 

Of course, we have the invention of writing and the printing press as the main driving forces towards universal literacy.  The third-largest innovation has to be the internet, given that it offers so many possibilities. 

For students, reading essay reviews is one thing, while writing them is another. Even with online aid, writing a top-notch essay can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. If you are not very tech-savvy, here are a few advantages that the online world can bring:

Easy research

Back in the day, researching was the most tedious and time-consuming part of the essay writing process. Students would have to get a library card and hunt down books that were relevant to the topic. Entire afternoons were spent in libraries, trying to find the exact sources.

Also, books do not have hyperlinks. Sure, you could use the table of content, but it can be hard to isolate the exact quote you needed.  Overall, technology has vastly improved this endeavor.

The internet has almost all of the information ever written down by our species. This vast river of knowledge is instantly accessible from the comfort of your own home (or dorm room). 

Besides, most of it is free. 

To this, we can add imperfect yet accessible translations from any language, and we can see why the potential of the web is so great.


There’s a saying that goes, “no man is an island.” This popular wisdom applies to all aspects of life. Not even the most independent and self-reliant individual can reach success without advice and support. 

Before the internet, this support network was restricted to friends, family, and people you paid to help you (i.e., teachers and coaches). However, technology can give you access to tips from a global network of experts.

If you are trying to learn to program or write an essay, there are hundreds of sources that you can access for free. There are video guides on grammar, pre-made forms that you can fill out, and even paid services such as paper writing websites. 

A professional will not hesitate to seek instruction and aid, setting their ego aside in order to get the job done. Help can now come from outside your personal circle of friends. Dunbar’s number will no longer outline your development. 

Apps galore 

Few people like to write, but everyone likes to have written. Writing essays is the fun part, but you will also have to proofread and outline your content. Syntax, spelling, and grammar mistakes can easily go unnoticed. 

Even in the early stages of the internet, it used to be the case that a writer would have to find and hire a good editor. Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point that we can just download an app. 

Software like Grammarly will instantly scan your text for errors, highlighting eventual mistakes and suggesting corrections. You can even afford to use it on a student’s budget, given that it is absolutely free. 

You can pay for a premium version that also checks your tone and corrects more abstract errors. 

Aside from writing apps, some applications provide information on any subject. History, math, and even trivia facts are covered.

Free or not, these applications are an invaluable asset for any aspiring essay writer. 

Communication and feedback

There’s a reason why our current time is nicknamed the “information age.” Every society that has ever existed has tried to innovate and facilitate the transfer of information. Communicating with people that are far away has been an age-old problem. 

Modern technology allows us to send messages at the speed of light, which is instant, for all intents and purposes. We can contact classmates and teachers in just a few moments, asking them for feedback and guidance. It may seem normal now, but it would be considered miraculous in any other age. 

Depending on your teacher or client, you can send an essay draft for feedback. You do not have to wait for the paper to be finished to receive an impression. Instant feedback is a factor that can improve any process. 

Essay writers can be much more efficient with their time, allowing them to change course if the work is not going in the right direction.

Communication technology can include videos, emails, and instant messaging apps. These are especially relevant since 2020, given the global pandemic that has left many people quarantined in their homes. 

Millions of students are receiving their lessons online as the classroom has moved into the virtual space. 

Subscription services

There are specialized websites that produce online courses. Experts from every imaginable field can create a course and post it on these platforms. Many programmers, writers, and freelancers are self-taught using these courses. Sites like Udemy come to mind.

This information is also tailored to be much more entertaining than your standard, dry textbook course. Tutorials often include graphics, sound effects, and in-built exercises that test your knowledge. 

Essay writers will have access to engaging summaries of their chosen topic. Researching is made more accessible, leading to a more productive experience. 


Technology can enhance the learning process by getting rid of the busy-work. Essay writers should not outsource their intellectual work to tech but use it to resolve the logistical and practical issues that can get in the way. 

Tech has made information free and readily available. While communication between groups of students used to be a challenge itself, it is now resolved by pressing a button. 

Writers can now produce their works in greater volume, as free applications can handle the time-consuming work of spellchecking.

The essay writing process can be hurt by technology if the student tries to cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise skip doing the work. Otherwise, it is a reliable tool that makes modern society possible. 

Author Bio

Laura C. Fields is an education enthusiast that enjoys writing about learning aids. While most of her work focuses on essay writing sites, she also enjoys analyzing the current education environment and its impact on students.