How do Casino Payouts Actually Work?


While gambling, it’s essential to have all the information available about payouts. Most players experienced in gambling have general information about how the payouts work. Depending on the casino, rates come in different amounts. Specific rules and T&Cs also have a strong bond when it comes to payouts.

Down below, we will take a look at some of the principles that play a huge role in how you get paid. So, get ready!

Online Games

In slots, card games, live casino, and other exclusive games casinos offer winnings, and outcomes are shown randomly. For instance, every slot machine winnings are determined by symbols on the reels which can potentially be a winner. Also, blackjack winnings or any card game is dependent on the deck, our hand, and based on luck – if users beat the dealer.

Winning Odds

Every game has its rules when it comes to betting and eventually winning from our bet. Wagering requirements, in particular. The game rules decide how much the player will get, in case of winning. Slot machines, card games and live dealer games are no different. For example, if a player wins a slot machine bet, the combination of symbols decide the amount of win, blackjack has its payout rates when it comes to beating the dealer, with score or side bet, or even the best hand – blackjack. Live casino is a specified category that provides users with all of the rules and winning amounts.

Winning Calculation

Once players win the wager, the outcome is instantly determined. The outcome means payment transfer from the game to the player’s personal account. If a player has a $5 wager on one single spin of one particular game, and the user won a jackpot or a maximum amount of money, provided by the game, the eventual winning amount will be calculated by the rules. Furthermore, a 5$ bet can be multiplied by 1000x which is a slot machine’s maximum winning. 


The most important part of winning is when the rewarded money are added to the personal account of the user, allowing them to withdraw by casino payment methods. Typically the winning will be added by the tokens and funds in the currency in which you’re playing. Different Online casino payment methods are usually available, allowing one to deposit/withdraw money.


Casinos have different rules when it comes to taxes and holding some small amounts of withdrawal money from the players. For example, casinos in Europe are famous for their taxes. Most of the casinos have small amounts of a percentage cut, ranging from 5% to 20%. All of the players have detailed information about taxes in their countries or one particular online casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casino bonuses are also crucial as one of the particular payout options. They are one of the most preferred gifts or promotions for players all around the world. When the casino has one specified bonus offer, it has all of its rules detailed and explained.

By offering online casino bonuses to the players, the casino encourages new players to join. Bonuses come in different shapes and on different games. There can be numerous gifts provided by the casino: No-deposit bonus, welcome bonus, reload bonus, etc. Furthermore, they come with wagering requirements and a minimum deposit amount. In order to be eligible to claim the bonus, all the rules and regulations must be met.

When it comes to payout rates on online casino bonuses, slot machines’ are rather low than card games’. Slots have high diversity and higher payouts, which explains the fact that big amounts can be won by only several users. Every slot you are going to play displays RTP (return to player). Our recommendation by this criteria is Bitstarz Casino, providing players with the highest available in today’s casino industry.


For beginners, verification is a simple and basic personal overview that you have to complete in order to play. Until the account is verified, all the winnings will be unclaimable. That way, casinos also make sure that money goes to the right player, without fraud or illegal activity.

Live Gambling Advantages

Live casino is one of the most preferred gaming options. It offers the users the best experience with live dealers, amazing graphics, and most importantly, great winnings. Some of them are available in blackjack, roulette, and board games such as Crazy Time. Winnings are also calculated with rules. For example, blackjack which is the best hand on the virtual blackjack table, has a 3:2 payout rate to the eventual bet.


In conclusion, the payout rates and promotions are super beneficial when it comes to casino winnings. It’s making the players’ gambling process more enjoyable. Although, always pay attention to the terms and conditions, and don’t forget to play responsibly!