How casinos work with animal welfare organisations


Many corporations that offer non gamstop casino no deposit strive to ensure that they are socially responsible. This can manifest itself in various ways, but it all boils down to the same thing: gambling clubs aim to do positive things for society, such as making donations to organisations that care about animal welfare. To this end, many gambling clubs hold charity gambling nights or open fundraisers. In general, casinos are making all sorts of attempts to do a good cause, rather than focusing only on enriching their owners. So, the following will give you detailed information on how casinos work with animal welfare organizations.

Why gambling clubs donate to animal welfare foundations

It is important to understand that animal welfare organisations are not publicly funded, which means that they would not be able to do what they do without the fundraising efforts of supporters. Such foundations simply cannot exist without external support, which means that they are dependent on it.

Without outside support, the animals would be abandoned to their fate. They would have to wander and survive in harsh conditions. Fortunately, there are now enough foundations willing to help all animals.

How gambling clubs help animal welfare organisations

Gambling clubs play an important role in charity work. Many casinos are nowadays trying to give aid and support to outside organizations, which include animal welfare foundations. This type of funding not only has a positive impact on the operations of the specific organization but also on the popularity and attitude towards the casino itself. The awareness that the gambling platform is doing a good deed encourages customers to join and contribute their own funds. That said, attracting players can happen in various ways, such as offers to play no min deposit online casino or any other way.

In general, funding is available in several ways: a casino can take part in one of the events organised by a specific fund or it can organise its own event on behalf of the company. More often than not, gambling clubs will organise special evenings to raise funds for animal welfare organisations. Alternatively, casinos can simply send a portion of the proceeds to any of the foundations. In addition, there are other ways of making a donation.

Regardless of which way the donation package is put together, gambling clubs are doing a good deed by helping animals and improving their image.

How charitable gambling events aimed at supporting animals are organised

Now that we have sorted out the reasons and ways of organising donations, we can move on to the question of how they are organised. Here are the basic steps for organising and running a charity gambling event.

  • Gambling clubs must follow local laws and regulations. There is no shortage of themes that can be chosen for the event. However, choose one that will be well received by the community and, above all, will be 100% compliant with all local laws and regulations.
  • Hold a poker tournament rather than a casino game. Poker nights require less time and effort and still raise a decent amount of money. Players may be asked to buy a seat or donate to get chips for the tournament, and non-monetary prizes may also be awarded.
  • Offer a variety of games. The more games the venue offers, the more fun the event will be and the more money it can raise. It’s important to think about adding public favourites such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack to the games. These are some of the most popular games for charity gambling events.
  • Set fundraising goals. In some countries, it is forbidden to charge admission or participation fees. The club can only do this by selling chips or raffle tickets. It is important to investigate the possibility of obtaining sponsorship or selling other fundraising items. Don’t forget to offer the possibility of getting more chips by running parterre games and other game offers throughout the evening.
  • Planning ahead. A lack of planning is a failure. It is better if the club allocates enough time in advance to advertise the event, buy or rent game equipment, prepare prizes and games, etc. Success lies in the small details!


The benefits of charity are obvious. Imagine billions of dollars in profits being injected into a sector that has always been traditionally underfunded. This would allow it to begin to grow and expand its reach. In this way, gambling clubs support the “life” of a particular foundation to which they make donations. Gambling can not only spend their visitors’ money but also do good things!