Growing Protests Outside NC Governor’s Mansion As Democrats Demand McCrory Concede Election


As it currently stands, Roy Cooper leads Pat McCrory by 6,311 votes, but the McCrory campaign is continuing with their demands for recounts in over 34 counties.

Protests are now growing outside of the NC Governors mansion, demanding that Pat McCrory concedes the governor race:

North Carolina Republicans and the McCrory campaign has has now filed 52 protests in 34 counties, alleging that many votes should be disqualified because the voters might be dead, in prison, or ineligible because of some other reason.

Democrats, meanwhile, continue to assert that the vote count is accurate – which now shows Cooper in the lead by over 6,311 votes.

“The county boards are doing a good job so far, and North Carolina is the envy of the country when it comes to the election administration, there is absolutely no evidence of systemic voter fraud.” Democrat attorney Allison Riggs, told board members.

Here is Raleigh’s ABC Chanel 11 with more details about the protests and voting count challenges:

Today’s board meeting ended with an agreement that the counting process must continue until all county voting figures are finalized.

The state board is now scheduled to meet again next Tuesday, November 29th.