Governor Cooper Signs Order Requiring Face Coverings Indoors and Outdoors


With daily COVID-19 cases reaching all-time highs and hospital beds across our states becoming in increasingly short supply, our governor has just issued sweeping new measures in an attempt to curb the spread.

Today Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 180, which mandates that:

  • For any place outside the home, including but not limited to businesses,
    schools, and other establishments and spaces:

    • Face Coverings must be worn indoors if anyone else is in that space
      who is not a member of the same household.
    • Face Coverings must be worn outdoors if it is not possible to consistently be physically distant by more than six (6) feet from nonhousehold members.
  • People must wear Face Coverings while exercising
    if they are either:

    • Outdoors and within six (6) feet of someone who does not reside in the
      exercising person’s household; or
    • Indoors and not within their own home.
  • If a person does not wear a Face Covering:
    • Law enforcement officers may cite the people who failed to wear Face
      Coverings as required by Executive Order; and/or
    • Law enforcement officers may cite a business or org

“I have a stark warning for North Carolinians today: We are in danger,” said Governor Cooper. “This is a pivotal moment in our fight against the coronavirus. Our actions now will determine the fate of many.”

You can watch Governor Cooper’s entire press conference here:

What do you think about the new order?