Going to a Game in Person vs. Watching it at a Sports Bar


Get to See the Game Close Up

Often, unless you are willing to shell out a lot of extra money for your ticket, you aren’t very close to the games. This can make it hard to see what is happening. Most of the time, you have to turn to the stadium screens to see the details. 

In that case, you are often paying a lot of money to just stare at a screen, which you can do anywhere else. 

Sports bars offer huge screens, where you can see the action up close and personal. They offer views closer than you can get at even the best seats in the stadium.


On top of seeing the action much closer than you would at a stadium, it also costs much less to go to a sports bar. Not only are tickets expensive, but food and drinks are charged at a much higher price. It is a lot cheaper to watch a game at home than any other way, but then you often miss out on the social aspect. 

By visiting a sports bar, you get food and drinks made for you for a lot cheaper, and you can see games up close on a large screen for no extra cost. 

If you want something more than your traditional sports bar, there are famous sports bars that are well worth trying out, such as Peabody’s in Florida or the Champion’s Mug in Wisconsin.

Closer to Home

Unless you are visiting one of those famous sports bars that aren’t in your state, it can sometimes be a lot closer to go to a sports bar than the stadium your team is playing. Even if your favorite team is a local one, they don’t always play home games. 

It might be hard to fly or drive to where they are playing, especially if you work around that day. Plus, staying at a hotel and buying plane tickets on top of your game tickets can be very costly. Instead, you can visit a local sports bar and still support your team. 


Sometimes, things happen that cause you to miss a part of the game. Maybe you spill your beer or need to use the restroom. Watching on the TV means there can be commercials or breaks, that allow you time to order more food or relieve your bladder. 

The station also often replays the important parts of the game, sometimes even in slow motion, so you can make sure you don’t miss anything. 


 Watching a game in person is an amazing experience, worth doing at least once. However, for most games, it might be with going to a sports bar. 

Not only do you save a lot of money, but there are a lot of local ones so you can just pop over after work to see the game. You don’t even have to worry about food or drinks, as you can just order them from the bar, without the costly prices of a stadium.