Fox’s Controversial New Show ‘Shots Fired’ Just Debuted After Being Filmed in Charlotte


Fox’s highly anticipated new series Shots Fired just premiered last night alongside Empire’s midseason return. The 10-episode series, which comes with a possibility for more future seasons, seems to be a response to the surging popularity of ABC’s anthology series American Crime.

The new show tackles controversial issues of institutionalized racism, police brutality, and racial tension in America.

Shots Fired tells the story of a black police officer named Joshua Beck who “racially profiles” a white college student driving around a black neighborhood. The officer assumes the white student is just in the neighborhood to buy drugs and pulls him over. An altercation then erupts, and the officer shoots and kills the student. The small southern town then erupts and special investigators are sent to launch an investigation into the entire police department, because “no one wants another Ferguson.”

Shots Fired will continue to air Wednesday nights at 8pm on Fox.

According to the North Carolina Film Office, “Shots Fired” and two other upcoming productions are expected to have direct in-state spending of more than $64.5 million while creating approximately 7,600 jobs throughout the state.

Did you watch the first episode last night? What are your thoughts?