Five Tips for Organizing Your Life


The world is in transition and people around the globe are having to go from their slower-paced pandemic lives back to the rat race. This can be an overwhelming time for many, but fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you’re not used to being busy, or you simply want to utilize methods that will help you get organized and curb the stress in your personal and professional lives, luckily there are a variety of things that can help. Below are five tips to help you organize your life during this strange, unprecedented time.

Use a Communal Calendar

One thing you should utilize to get organized is a communal calendar. This is a calendar that you make online and use with your family and friends. Not only will it help you plan more effectively, but you will also have a better grasp on everyone else in the family. If you’re married in a two-career household with kids, life can be pretty overwhelming at times. A calendar for everyone’s appointments will simplify your schedules and make everything a lot clearer. You won’t have to guess when the doctor’s appointments or lunch dates are. Everything will be there in front of you to plan and fit in things that you want to do.

Utilize Notes

Whether you write things down or have a notes app like the Evernote app (, you should definitely utilize note-taking. An app on your phone is especially helpful because you can jot down things you need to remember wherever you are and input them into your calendar, make a call, schedule an appointment, and do whatever else you need to do. Your mind only has room for so many things. Help yourself by freeing up space. Write the things that you may forget down and you will be able to return to them when you have the chance.

Clear Your Desk Space

Another thing you should do to organize your mind is to organize your physical surroundings. Are you a student? Do you work from home? Whatever your situation, clearing your desk and keeping it clean and organized will make a huge difference when it comes to how you feel in your daily life. A clean work space will help you get more done and feel better while you’re working. You’ll be surprised just how much it helps you when you’re busy and need to focus on the task at hand.

Delegate Tasks & Chores

If you are the head of the household or take on most tasks, you probably get stressed and overwhelmed by it all. One way to cut down on this anxiety and clutter in your mind is to delegate tasks and chores. You should give your partner, kids, roommates, and others tasks they can handle that would alleviate your schedule. Depending on who you live with, creating a chore schedule will greatly facilitate the organization and atmosphere of the household. You might think that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. But this isn’t true. Delegating tasks and chores is the thing to do.

Set Reasonable Goals & Priorities

For over a year, it was easy not to plan for the future. Now that expectations are returning, you should set goals and priorities that are reasonable. Setting goals is absolutely necessary but keeping them within reason will help you accomplish them and avoid getting disappointed. Life is changing and speeding up once again. To keep with it all — and feel like you’re not getting life behind you — you should set aside your priorities and make sure that those things get done before anything else. When you have a list or category of everything that’s important to you for the year, it will be a lot easier to stay on task.

The transition of post-pandemic life won’t be easy, but it doesn’t need to be difficult either. You can work towards changing your life and getting more organized. It isn’t just your physical space that needs to be cleared, which is also important, you need to clear your mind and make your schedule easy to read. When you feel stressed and anxious, utilize these five tips to help organize your life and make it more productive.