How students can organize their workspace


A messy desk often prevents you from concentrating on your studies and work tasks. Finding a pen and the right notebook takes a lot of time, and the bunch of things on the desk confuses you and makes you wonder why it’s even there. Today in our article we will tell you how order on your desk helps you learn productively.

Productive learning begins with the workplace and its organization. The right work environment sets the mind to the right rhythm. We believe that a clean and organized workspace increases efficiency, concentration, and the ability to find all the things you need.

Change the arrangement of things on your desk

When it’s time to rearrange things on your desk, don’t put them in their old places. Think of a new order to make efficient use of the free space. Organize items in an order that will inspire you to be productive at the table.

Rearrange things on the table – a small trick that takes away the monotony of daily work and breaks up the familiar look.

Make a special whiteboard

If you often have to remember and write down different things (dates, numbers, events, tasks), in addition to the notepad, install a planning board next to the workplace. Divide it into 4 sections – “Tasks”, “Priority”, “In Progress”, “Done” – and move stickers with tasks in these boxes. This way all the tasks are always in front of your eyes. And you won’t have to buy a persuasive essay at the last minute because you forgot you were assigned one. This method not only helps with planning but also diversifies your room with bright colors.

Add something special

Your goal is a clean and organized workspace, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Use decorations (photos, posters, swag) to add some personality.

Many students hang not only pictures but also math formulas and English words. This helps with memorization with visual memory.

Also for motivation, hang up inspirational images and aphorisms to motivate yourself to work hard.


Transfer all your notes to your smartphone or computer and get rid of the notes stuck on your monitor, wall, or desk. Digital notes aren’t as flashy and don’t “bug you” all day, but you can set a notification when you need to go back to a given task.

Cleaning Ritual

Make it a good habit to tidy your desk at certain times. For example, the Thursday before you go home. Or on Friday, if you’re sure you can stick around for 10 minutes at the end of the workweek. Throw out the trash, excess papers, sort out the desk surface and drawers, and check the space under the desk. If you do this regularly, you can even do it in five minutes.

Trash can within arm’s reach

It’s no fun to play office basketball this way, but you can throw away unwanted paper, wrappers, or a broken pencil just by extending your arm. Without the risk of collecting junk on the table until it takes up all the space. But don’t put the trash can in the most visible place, better under the desk or in a corner.

Top tips

  • The height of the table depends on your height. It is important that in a sitting position the distance between your knees and the tabletop is 20 cm.
  • The height of the chair should be adjusted so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet stand on the floor.
  • The chair should be as comfortable as possible and with a soft surface.
  • Your chair should be equipped with a backrest. An uncomfortable chair and poor posture affect your health and mood.
  • Armrests are desirable: they should be placed so that you can bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • The lamp should be on the left if you are right-handed and on the right, if you are left-handed.