Five Things To Think About When You’re Buying an Engagement Ring


When it’s time to ask the love of your life to marry you, a lot goes into it. It’s a nerve-wracking question to ask, as it is a huge step that could go on to define the rest of your life. Of course, you also need a ring. No one wants to propose without a ring to show. Even if your partner doesn’t care about rings or mind that you haven’t bought one yet, you may still feel a certain way about it. Below are five things you should think about when you are buying an engagement ring for your significant other.

Will They Say Yes?

This question is perhaps the most important part of all this. Have you discussed marriage already with your partner? Does the person know it’s coming? Will they be surprised? What will they say? When you are thinking about buying an engagement ring for someone, you should have a good idea of what they will say. If you think they won’t say yes, there could be an argument for buying a ring or waiting. Before you do anything, though, you should have an idea of what they will say and go from there.

The Size

One of the most important parts of an engagement ring is the size. Do you know your partner’s ring size? How will you find out? Will you decide on the style, gem, and band before getting your partner sized for the ring? Whether you want to walk into a store to buy a ring or want to customize every aspect of it from a local designer, you will need to know their size. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for a ring. If your partner has other rings, it might be worth bringing one of them to the jeweler.

The Band

When you know the size of the ring, you will be able to decide on the band. Will you go for gold? Silver? Something else? What gem and style you choose for the engagement ring will determine the size and material of the band, but they are surprisingly versatile. Will you match the engagement ring with the wedding rings? Will you go for a cheap band now and an expensive band for the wedding rings so that your partner can put the gems on the wedding ring? Whatever your goal, the band is important.

The Gem

Next, perhaps the most crucial part of buying a ring outside from the fact that it needs to fit is the gem. There are all kinds of gems with different levels of toughness, colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. It should go without saying that the most popular gem is diamond, but you don’t have to decide on that just because it is typical. Moissanite is a great alternative. It looks extremely like a diamond and is almost as hard, but at a fraction of the price. This lab-produced gem is gorgeous and affordable. Kobelli moissanite rings are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the ethics or price of diamonds but wants that signature look.

The Shape & Style

Finally, the shape and style of the gem are integral to the ring. You should think about what shape you can afford and what the style should be for your partner. This has to do with everything else about the ring. Oval gems are getting more and more popular. The band, the size, and the gem can all dictate what shape and style the gem will be cut in. If you don’t know what your partner likes, you can ask or wait to pull the trigger until you ask them to marry you.

Marriage is a big deal. It’s an incredibly nerve-wracking time and asking someone to live the rest of their life with you is always a big deal. The ring you present when you ask may not make a difference to the answer, but you shouldn’t waste your time, effort, or money if you don’t know what they like. When it’s time to pop the big question, you should think long and hard about what your partner likes, what kind of gem you can afford, what the style and shape should be, and the size and material of the band.