Facebook Might Be Labeling You A Conservative African American – Here’s How To Find Out


Have you ever wondered why you’re seeing super random ads in your Facebook Newsfeed that you have no interest in?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the world’s most popular social media network over the past couple years, you’ve likely been given a very specific profile based on your scrolling, clicking, hovering, and commenting habits…far beyond your age, sex, and location.

I recently discovered a somewhat hidden section of Facebook that showed me exactly what they are labeling me…I was surprised to say that least…

Even though I consider myself a libertarian centrist, and many of my friends think I’m a liberal…and even though I regularly post statements and make comments that are critical of our conservative president…for some reason Facebook has labeled me as “conservative”;

…and what’s even stranger is that even though my mom has 100% Polish ancestry and my dad has 50% Norwegian and 25% English ancestry, Facebook has labeled me as “African American”;

If you’d like to see what Facebook has labeled you, simply go to www.facebook.com/ads/preferences, then scroll down to “Your Information” and click on “Your Categories”.

Also, if you’d like Facebook to stop showing ads to your friends and making them think that you “like” the ad, scroll a little further to “Ad Settings” and click on “Ads with your social actions” and change the selection from “My Friends Only” to “No One”;

What has Facebook labeled you?

Do you agree with your labels?