Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Maryland


Maryland is one of your dream homes. You are confident that after moving in, you will be able to start afresh. New environment, new house, and a lot of firsts to follow. Popular for its modifier “Little America,” you surely envision how gorgeous it is to live in this state.

However, once you arrived, you realized that the “perfect” images you see online and in magazines are not all. Ending, you are suddenly lost and don’t know where to start. Thus, aside from the fact that we buy houses in Maryland, we want to give you some insights about moving in the Old-Line State.

Beginner’s Guide: What It’s Like to Live in Maryland


  • Job Opportunities

If you are not aware, Maryland is truly a wealthy state. Commonly, residents here have a whopping median income of $70,000! Being nearby Washington D.C., there’s enough job opportunities with good to high salaries. As of May 2021, unemployment is also not higher than 4%.

  • Closer to Major Cities

Maryland is like a gateway for major cities around the U.S. If you are living in Baltimore, it’s only one ride to Washington D.C. It is also connected to major highways in Philadelphia and New York City. Amazing, right? It usually takes 30 to 2 hours to reach this destination.

  • Diverse Culture and History

If we are just talking about diversity, Maryland is not “America in Miniature” for nothing. The culture here is a combination of Southern and Northern culture. As for history, Maryland is also the “land of firsts.” Did you know that the first railroad station was created here? Well, you will get to know more once you are settled in this state.

  • Amazing Attractions, Food, and Activities

If you are to move to Maryland without trying crab cakes, then what are you? Well, it’s like an unofficial requisite to try out their crab cakes. Located near bodies of water, their love for seafood is overwhelming. You can enjoy such food while strolling on their lovely beaches. Other than that, there’s also a long list of recreational activities such as surfing, hiking, and more that you should try.


  • Cheaper Houses than Other States But…

In terms of housing, Maryland has cheaper house options than other States. If you are looking for best deals and offers, 8 Day Home Sale is ready to help you.

So, you finally move into your new home, so what comes after? Mind you, the expenses here are flustering. From transportation, utilities, groceries and health—the costs are higher than other cities in the U.S.

  • Crime Rate is High

Not to scare you, but you may want to consider the security of your house as well. Based on the rankings of Securing Home, Maryland is No.3 at most dangerous states in the U.S. But it is not totally unsafe to reside here. Overall, some of its cities have a high safety rating of 91.2 percent.

  • Tax Rates

If you came from a different state, the tax of Maryland will shock you a bit. This is because it is relatively higher than the U.S. Median. Say, for their property tax they collect 1.10%, while for Sales Tax, it’s 6%.

8. Traffic

Being one of the wealthiest states, it is also one of the busiest. Compared to the national average commute time of 25 minutes, it takes 32 minutes in Maryland. As stated above, most of the job opportunities are in D.C. or in Baltimore. You need to be really early to not be caught up in the rush hour. And when we said, “early,” it should be earlier than you could imagine.