Economic Impact of NBA All-Star Weekend In Charlotte Estimated At Over $100 Million


According to a new statement by the Charlotte Regional Visitor Authority (CRVA), the total financial impact of the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend will likely exceed $100 million for the City of Charlotte. That impact was felt most by our local hotels, restaurants, shops, and venues by the spending of over 150,000 fans that came to our city over the weekend.

CRVA CEO Tom Murray said the weekend also put a remarkably positive light on our city’s sense of community in front of a global audience.

“I sensed even at the host reception… a real sense of camaraderie of our community and that can’t do anything but help our community,” Murray said.

That sense was heightened during the NBA All-Star Game itself when NC natives Anthony Hamilton and J. Cole sang the National Anthem and performed during the halftime show.

The NBA also donating millions of dollars for new locker rooms, basketball courts, teacher resources, and packed student backpacks across our city.

What did you think about the recent NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte?