DWI Charges Drop By 43%, But It’s Not A Good Thing

The number of people in Charlotte  charged for committing DWI offenses has dropped by 43% over the course of two years, according to The Charlotte Observer. While this may sound impressive and as though  drivers are being more sensible about drinking and driving, many say that it’s the lack of law enforcement on the city’s roads that has resulted in this decline, rather than better driving practices.
DWI accidents on the rise
The number of fatal accidents that occurred throughout the whole of Mecklenburg County over the same two year period shot up by 17%, according to figures from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This shows how drivers in the county continue to  drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of their motor vehicles without considering the consequences. Charlotte Mecklenburg police department’s (CMPD) officer shortage further fuels this problem, as locals know that the chances of being caught driving while intoxicated are slim, and this encourages them to risk driving.
The risks
Despite intoxicated drivers in Charlotte unlikely to be caught in the act, it is highly likely that they will be involved in a collision on the road. This is because  alcohol seriously impacts a person’s coordination, reaction time, concentration, vision and judgment. As a result, the chance of being injured or injuring another party is high. Where an  injury has occurred on the road, legal assistance may be sought as this will help to determine liability, as well as claim compensation, where necessary. While it’s reassuring to know that there is help available, there’s still more that officials in Charlotte need to do to stop so many serious alcohol-related accidents from happening.
Improving road safety
The CMPD has assured Charlotte residents that they are actively looking to recruit new officers so that there are more law enforcement personnel on the roads ready to clamp down on motorists that drive while under the influence. However, the CMPD should consider taking inspiration from police in neighboring Concord. They take drink driving so seriously that six officers make up a team known as the DWI Task Force, who go in on their days off work to come up with initiatives and procedures to prevent drink driving in the area.
An increasing number of drivers in Charlotte are getting away with driving while under the influence of excess alcohol. Not only is this illegal, but it’s highly dangerous, which is why the CMPD urgently needs to put measures in place to stop this behavior once and for all.