DraftKings Pre-Registration Bonus for Ohio Sports Betting Launch


Registration time is finally happening for DraftKings customers. By joining today, customers can get a hold of a generous DraftKings Ohio sign-up bonus. This welcome promo is a great way for new players to start their betting journey once the sportsbook app kicks off. Rewarding bonuses and huge free bet offers await prospective bettors.

By simply clicking the links found on this page, customers can enter the portal to DraftKings Ohio and unlock the pre-registration bonus. Aside from the $200 bonus, this automatically grants them the possibility to seize $100,000 free bets.

Why DraftKings Ohio Has the Biggest Odds

The fun begins once the sportsbook gets a green light from the Buckeye State regulators. What’s more, they have an array of betting markets, so you can use the $200 to place a bet on different local or international leagues including but not limited to:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Track and Field

Where is DraftKings Available

DraftKings Ohio is a highly-anticipated sports betting app which is currently available in 14 states. These states include Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Why You Need to Seize the Opportunity

Customers who take a shot at this golden opportunity will benefit from it twice as much. The $200 bonus obtained when they sign up in advance, is only the beginning. This is why customers must strike while the iron is hot. Moreover, when they grab the chance and pre-register now, they shall see results once DraftKings Ohio goes live.

To register with DraftKings Ohio, and to acquire $200 worth of bets when the pioneering sportsbook becomes operational on January 1, 2023, click the link.

DraftKings Pre-Registration Bonus for sports betting in Ohio

If you want to get the upper hand, use the sign-up promo of DraftKings Ohio. By merely signing up, new users will receive a $200 worth of risk-free bet. Consequently, you will have instant credit before spending your own cash. You can use this bonus on a variety of sports leagues, either domestic or international.

A Guide to Claiming the Promo at the sports betting launch in Ohio

Draftkings Ohio customers can easily secure this pre-registration bonus with four simple steps. To start your pre-registration, click the link. After that, you will be directed to DraftKings Ohio to complete the process. Next, type in the required information. Then, you will be notified that you are eligible to receive $200 bonus. Lastly, log in to the DraftKings app on their launch date.

Free Bet Special for Ohio sports bettors

The good thing about signing up early is that customers stand to qualify on winning the free bet special worth $100k. Hence, if you’re lucky enough, you can utilize this reward to wager on any sport that you like. This means that you can win over $100k just by setting up an account ahead of DraftKings Ohio’s debut.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience elite sports betting when you register with DraftKings Ohio today. Get a hold of a $200 pre-registration bonus. To top it off, take your chances and get a shot at winning $100k worth of free bets.