Crescent Communities Launching Charlotte’s First Single Family Build-to-Rent Business


Charlotte’s own Crescent Communities has just announced the addition of an interesting new product segment – build-to-rent homes.

They’ve selected the high-growth markets of Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, and Raleigh to test out the new concept.

Each built-to-rent community will consist of approximately 100 – 200 residences, with a combination of three- and four-bedroom townhomes and/or detached single-family houses.

Recognized for innovative leadership and design, Crescent Communities currently builds over 10,000 homes annually and has developed over $6.3 billion of multifamily and commercial developments across the country.

“As a best-in-class real estate developer, we have an opportunity to address the growing demand of single-family rentals and to create additional housing in the U.S. through a highly desired product in purpose-built rental communities,” said Crescent’s Tony Chen, who will be spearheading the new concept.

What do you think about the new idea? 




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