CMS Has Just Put Their Transgender Bathroom Policy On Hold


cms transgender policyThe head of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system has just announced that he will be delaying parts of the new transgender policy.

For the time being, they will be following North Carolina’s HB2 and requiring students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex.

CMS Superintendent Ann Clark made the announcement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Virginia school board can legally require students to use biologically corresponding bathrooms.

Clark remarked that her decision was solely based on the court ruling and was not affected by the thousands of letters, phone calls, and emails from concerned parents and Charlotte residents that opposed the new policy.

The school system will, however, begin to enforce the remainder of the new transgender policy starting on August 31st. The other components of the policy include; requiring teachers to say ‘scholars or students’ instead of ‘boys or girls’, allowing students to participate in gender specific activities based on the gender they identify with, and limiting teacher-parent communication without a student’s consent.

Superintendent Ann Clark commented in her statement. “CMS remains committed to nurturing a safe and welcoming learning environment for every student. As a result of yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, we have placed a temporary hold on the section of the CMS bullying prevention regulation which states that transgender students will be given access to the restroom and locker room facilities corresponding to their gender identity. The rest of the regulation, which is intended to promote consistency in anti-bullying support for all students, will remain intact.  CMS will respect the Supreme Court’s decision just as we did that of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.”

What do you think about CMS’s new transgender policy? Do you think schools should allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on the sex they identify with?





  1. This has gone too far. You can’t call boys “boys” and girls “girls”? It would be laughable, except we are hurting our children with this utter nonsense. Severe over reaction is an understatement. Focus on REAL issues other than .03% of the population’s bathroom preference. Idiots flock to social issues and forget bigger problems.