CMS Issues Statement About Recent Discussions of Arming Teachers


With hundreds of students planning on walking out of school today in protest of recent gun violence, and several NC schools placing armed volunteers in Elementary Schools, CMS has just issued a statement in hopes of calming some of the fears.

Their statement specifically addresses the recently suggested arming of teachers in classrooms to protect students from gun violence.

It reads:

CMS joins districts and teachers in North Carolina and across the nation in strong opposition to arming teachers in classrooms.

The voices of the vast majority of educators, families and law enforcement officials have been heard – teachers do not want to be armed, parents and students do not want guns in their classrooms and police officers do not want more guns on school campuses.

CMS has strengthened security measures in schools across the district and will make further recommendations to increase safety and security through the upcoming budget process.

What do you think about CMS’s statement and today’s walk-out?

What more do you think should be done to protect our students?