CMPD Busts Meth Operation Behind Ballantyne Mansions


CMPD just arrested two Ballantyne residents after discovering meth and drug paraphernalia in their Ballantyne townhome, and a possible meth cooking operation in the woods behind their development.

After police surrounded the home and busted through the door, they found Jesse Crane and Shane Ardner with the drug items.

The townhome is located directly behind some of the biggest homes in Ballantyne near the corner of Longstone Ln and Marvin Rd;

According to Fox 46, police said that they think the ‘Meth Cook’ was running his operations out of the woods behind the townhome – literally in the backyard of the Ballantyne mansions.

After searching the woods, CMPD officers found piles of trash with the components that are used to make meth.

Jesse Crane and Shane Ardner have both been charged with a variety of drug charges.