City Council And Mayor Trying To Install No-Parking Signs At Abortion Clinic To Stop Pro-Life Protesters


After 15 years of protesting, praying, and offering free sonograms and adoption materials, Charlotte city leaders are now trying to install no-parking signs in front of our city’s busiest abortion clinic in order to stop the activity of several pro-life organizations.

Last Friday, a group that organizes prayer walks around Latrobe drive on Saturday mornings posted this status to their Facebook page, which received 200 shares:

That post (and subsequent posts) resulted in over 100 pro-life activists showing up to this past Monday’s city council meeting to speak out about the new no-parking signs.

Several dozen pro-choice activists also showed up to voice their opinions and fight for the no-parking signs.

The signs were not an official item on the city council meeting’s agenda, but due to the overwhelming turnout from activists on both sides of the issue, the city held a ‘citizen’s forum’ to allow people to voice their concerns.

A maximum of 10 people were allowed to speak in order of who signed up first.

Here is the video from Monday night’s forum:

What do you think about the new no-parking signs?

Do you think pro-life groups should be allowed to park free sonogram vehicles outside of abortion clinics?

Do you think pro-life groups should be allowed to protest outside of abortion clinics?