The Chili Man’s Hot Dog Car Is Rated As The #1 Restaurant In Charlotte on Yelp


vic the chili man best restaurant in charlotteIf you go to and click Best of Yelp: Charlotte, the #1 spot in Charlotte continues to be the Chili Man.

It turns out that the number 1 restaurant in Charlotte isn’t technically even a restaurant at all – it’s a hot dog cart. Vic “The Chili Man”‘s Charlotte-famous hot dogs are so good than many people are willing to wait over an hour for his magical creations.

He’s a regular feature on WJZY’s morning show, and Cam Newton has even given him a few shutouts as his favorite hot dog guy he knows (the Chili Man’s cart sits right outside Cam’s Uptown condo).

Charlotte Stories recently went Uptown to see if his dogs were really worth all the hype (thanks to EndZoneFans for filming):

Not only does Vic make some of the greatest hot dogs in the world, he has also started an incredible charity here in Charlotte to help out families with special needs children.